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We spent a few days at your wonderful ranch about two weeks ago and had an outstanding time.

It was a first time visit, but we are sure to return as soon as we can get away from the chilly east coast.

We especially liked the restaurant and the food served as it was delicious and plentiful.

The kitchen staff went out of its way time and time again to make us comfortable.

A big thanks to them!

Above all we enjoyed all the friendly people we met at Olive Dell.

The members made us feel right at home from the first hour we arrived.

Thanks for all the hospitality; we look forward to our next visit.

Tom & Kristine

Please take a moment
to tour our facilities:
Fun hiking trails close by the pool, restaurant and tennis courts.
Pool - If you've never swam without a baithing suit,
then you're in for a real treat!
Sauna - In the green building just at the right of the jaccuzzi offers deep heat relaxation. It also serves as a warm place to change after stepping out of the hot tub during winter.

Hot Tub - Summertime is great!
When the weather is not quite so warm our hot tub offers a way to avoid bundling up and a place for friends to meet.

Restaurant - Olive Dell's Cafe Delicious
offers a wide variety of homecooked meals.
Bobby makes THE best omelet in the West.
Come try the food!
Who is this masked rider?
Labor Day Weekend - Luau!
Tennis Court - Get ready for a great game -
our tennis court even includes racquets,tennis balls
and free lessons on Saturdays!
Club House - We have a pool table, darts, a thirst aid station, sound system and plenty of room to dance.
This spot is the focus for our regular events.
Lodging - Stay for a day, a week, a year....
We offer camping cottages that are a sleeping facility only. No plumbing. You'll find the bathroom and showers by the swimming pool.There's also sites for full RV hook up.

We invite you to plan a visit soon!

"On my first visit, must I be completely nude right away?"

No. You will be given a tour of the resort. If you decide to stay then you may take some time and get comfortable.

A day at Olive Dell Ranch is an excellent place to begin your experience!

We do have areas
where nudity is required.

Places where you must be unclothed at Olive Dell Ranch include being on the patio,
in the pool, sauna & jacuzzi area- any concrete area,
clubhouse & restaurant

You may be clothed when practical -
(Such as, when it gets cold).

It is our hope that you'll enjoy the people around you as you take in the freedom of the naturist experience!

"What should I pack?"

Good question~
Polite nudist etiquette means you always bring a towel to sit or lounge on.

Each person in your party should carry their own towel.

Bring water/hydrating drinks, snacks, sun block, athletic shoes, flip flops or sandles for poolside, a cover-up should the weather get chilly or if you get too much sun.

Visit Olive Dell's Cafe Delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Dear Bobby and Becky,

Finally getting some time to send thanks to you for the hospitality shown at Olive Dell last fall. 

I especially enjoyed the hikes and the hot tub socializing!

After Christmas feasts, I need to do some more hiking, too. 

Maybe in the spring.


"Ranger" Don

































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