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Rules and regulations
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so that everyone will have an enjoyable time!
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My body is less
than perfect.
Will I feel
out of place?

You will quickly
discover that people
really do come in all
shapes and sizes and
as far as our bodies
are concerned, all
of us have nothing
to hide.

The benefits of nude recreation are based on accepting the uniqueness of
yourself and
respecting others.

"Can we bring our children?"

Certainly! Olive Dell is a family owned,
"pro family" nudist resort.

"We really enjoyed both of our stays at Olive Dell and will definitely be

Our favorite part of our visits was being able to go hiking for hours and hours without seeing another soul and being
able to do it in the nude.

Well almost, we did have to wear something on
our feet.

The owners are extremely
accomodating and were able to take care of us on our first stay via the
phone because they were away on vacation, we
met them on our
second stay.

They were very helpful, and we are looking
forward to our next visit."

JJ and Jack from NJ

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