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visited your web site and was looking at your gallery and that portion was one of the best i have seen so far

great website

enjoy the nudist season this year


There is always something fun
happening at Olive Dell...
Pool fun - This is THE place to be, our cool refreshing pool on a warm sunny day. Come jump in and join the fun!.
Pirates Weekend falls on Memorial Day weekend! There's games, shows and loads of fun scheduled, so plan on joining us!
Luau - This is our most popular event of the year. There are hula dancers, a live band, good food and a guy who plays with fire.
1970's Party - Remember the 70's?Deep heat relaxation, our sauna is the place for that. It also serves as a warm place to change after stepping out of the hot tub during winter.
Halloween - Boo!. . Dressing up for this day is really popular with the kids and the adults. We have a haunted house and a party for all ages.
Christmas - We are a big family here at Olive Dell and Christmas is a special time for exchanging gifts, having a good meal and making special memories.
New Years - Kick in the new year in style. . . in your three piece suit or in your birthday suit. We also host a polar bear swim for the very brave . . . . brrrr!

New at
Olive Dell:

Free Internet

We are a Family Nudist Resort, although we do have single members.

Three visits are permitted at a resonable Gate Fee before one is requested to purchase a yearly membership.

NUDISM'S basic code of conduct requires discreet and respectful behavior toward all, where no apology is necessary.

We hope to introduce you and your family to this wonderful lifestyle that all nudist's enjoy so much.

Olive Dell Ranch is acknowledged as a highly respected part of the community.

Our purpose is to provide a congenial atmosphere for members and guests.


Hello ODR,

Nice website, very laid back and colorful. I am looking forward to visiting when we relocate to Victorville, CA


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